Meet the Keeper…

The Graveyard of My Mind exists where my conscious & subconscious worlds collide; where my secrets sleep, and where my guilt resides.  Where the corpses of countless memories are buried, some of them still alive, hearing wicked whispers in the dark, from down where my demons hide.

My intention is to continue to expand the selection with various works; full-length chapter stories posted in an episode-style fashion, and short stories of various lengths.  You can be updated about new material by Following.  The stories display fantastically on any smart phone as well for a bit of fun on the road.  Diary of a Serial Killer is especially good for the quick laugh, and cure for random boredom, because the entries are short.

I love to know when someone has visited, so please scratch an epitaph into a gravestone.  If you have a thought about a piece, I invite you to offer it.  I love to hear from you readers out there

Thank you.


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  1. Mr. Shawbell,

    I would like to thank you for reading my posts and providing some truly flattering feedback. Thank you for taking the time to explore what has become more addiction than hobby for me, and although I have not commented on your stories as eloquently as you have on mine, I would like you to know that by clicking “follow” I am not merely posturing as a fan. After having read your posts on both The Graveyard and Diary of a Serial Killer, I am truly a fan. Your writing is a gift, and I look forward to reading your work in the future.

    • Christopher Shawbell

       /  July 24, 2013

      Outstanding. I was hoping you would. How much of DOASK (Diary of a…) did you read? The funny thing is that soon as I read some of your work, I thought you’d find DOASK rather entertaining. Gotta say that I am pleased to my very gutty-wuts over the whole shelale.
      Interesting that you wrote “addiction” regarding your writing. I am always honest & polite with my fellow authors, but I don’t write comments like I did to you for fun. It’s when I recognize something familiar in another author. You have told me what that is; addiction. You write for the same reason I do; you have no choice. Not a “dang, it’s sucky not to write stuff” scenario, but a real and painful no choice.
      Forgive my presumption to tell you why you do what you do, but I know what I know and so do what I do. Stay in touch, my friend. You are always welcome.


    • Christopher Shawbell

       /  July 25, 2013

      I like the fact that you chose this hitherto unused plot to write an epitaph. Good thinking that. If ever you should choose, my email is on my “gravatar” (the word still bothers me) profile. Time for a drink I think. I have a new one: Cough Syrup. Until next time…



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