Her stalwart albino hermaphrodite pimp, Season, had sent over some ripe ones.  Poor little boys didn’t know what was coming.

Kayla didn’t know if the big one really was trying to get out, or if he was just playing the game.  Didn’t matter.  She punished him for the indiscretion anyway.

Kayla liked the taste of cum, but only if they cried a bit.  Of course it didn’t have to be real crying; so long as they were playing the game is all.

Judging by the scars, the smaller two of the three had been around the circuit a while; they probably knew the script and were wise enough to stick to it.  But Big Boy… well he just didn’t want to play along, or so it seemed, so she made an example of him; he bled as much as he came.

Kayla didn’t think he would be back.  It made her laugh.  The big boys were always the softies.

She wasn’t sure why she was thinking about them now; wandering the labyrinths of one’s recent memory wasn’t the wisest of ideas while space walking the perimeter of a luxury orbital station off Calisto.

It was just funny, and she needed something humorous to pass the time.  Space was three things: cold, dark, and silent.  A little humor went a long way out there.

Fahvrae Timohre had the terrible misfortune of winding up on Kayla’s desk.  He had, with the help of his rather exceptional security detail, escaped capture and sentencing on several different occasions, though his sentence had long since been passed.  When the T.F. courts get impatient, they called a pro.  Kayla Mack was the best bounty hunter anywhere, and the most dangerous.

Kayla had no interest in returning someone for court and an official day of sentencing that had long passed, and everyone knew it.  When they were that dangerous, there was no fucking around.  She bagged them.  That’s what she did.  That’s why she was the last person they called, because they knew that the chances were that nothing was coming back but remains.  Fahvrae Timohre was going to be no different.

She had crept to the outside of his suite; her suit was scan shielded and would take an “eyes-on” visual for her to be seen.  There was a porthole he could look out of if he wanted to view Calisto every 720 minutes it came around as the station spun to create a sense of artificial gravity.  Useless really for star gazing, but handy for DNA retrieval; as far as Kayla’s plan was concerned anyway.

Kayla watched Fahrae banging the two high-end sluts for half an hour.  It was at least interesting.  One of them had had her skin mod’d dark red.  It was actually kind of sexy.  Kayla was already set up, but didn’t want to take anyone down she didn’t have to.  Fahvrae’s guards were outside the door and would have no idea what happened.

He must be a real sucker for anal, because soon as he was in the red whore he busted and was done.

Kayla put her finger on the ignition of the plasma-beam generator.  She hoped the girls would follow the script.

Sure enough, both of the prostitutes went into the washroom together.  Fahvrae laid back on the bed and played with his cock; getting ready for another augmented round of hide the hamster no doubt.  To bad for him.

When the door closed behind the girls, Kayla hit the ignition.  The plasma fired.

Soon as the station’s system detected a potential breach, it locked down all portals of the suite.  Favhrae saw the bright flash of the beam boring through the forty-two inches of the transparent alloy portal, but could nothing about it.  It took eight seconds for the beam to breach into the open atmosphere of the suite.  Kayla rotated the attachment so the capture tank was over the hole.

Fahvrae Timohre was pulled by the escaping atmosphere inside the suite up to the two-inch hole in the portal, and then his flesh was sucked right off his bones through the large hole bored through by the plasma beam.  His bones crunched and cracked from the physics of the phenomenon and they too were drawn out.

Kayla sealed the tank and strapped it on her back, then launched herself towards her Viper re-entry ship that was magnetically moored to the station.  She would have less the thirty seconds before an ungodly amount of security swooped down on her position.

As it was, her clean departure required less than twenty from start to finish, and after an insanely hot trip through the atmosphere and down to a substation on Calisto, she boarded a shuttle right back up to the same station she’d just breached, and whose future reputation she will have destroyed.

There she lounged for a time, finding a few miserable men to mind her needs, then caught a civilian liner home.  Fahvrae of course joining her for the ride.  Back on Earth she exchange his remains for a hefty sum of credits and a compliment she could give a shit about.

On the way to her penthouse she thought to call Season, but decided that thing’s bitches were played out.  No she needed something different, she just didn’t know what.

When she got up to her place she had a number of messages waiting.  Eight were hyper-line connections.  She opened those, and froze.  Xyphos had left three.

What the hell was she going to do now?



Continued in Part V…

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  1. Mangsgirl.

     /  February 28, 2014

    God you’re a sick fuck. Please let’s be friends.

  2. Christopher Shawbell

     /  July 31, 2013

    Sorry to get you all imagining two post tonight, but I decided to break the first chapter into about 1,000 word parts, and therefore all subsequent parts wer shuffled down the line accordingly. Cheer!



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