Right away it was all wrong; the “Suits” were not supposed to have SODS (Surface to Orbit Defense Systems), yet here she and her marine were, hurtling surface-bound at +Mach-5 speeds, and dodging incoming ordinance that wasn’t supposed to exist.

It was an even greater surprise once the marines touched down on Titan icy surface.  The Suit’s security forces actually had full BADs (Battle-Armor Divisions) deployed to intercept.  Suits weren’t supposed to have BADs.  This was no corporate dick-jousting contest, this was a real fucking war, and it was paramount to rebellion.  SgtMaj Mack gathered her ACD Marines, barked her tactics, and led them on the offensive.  They were outnumbered 9 to 1.

Saturn, with his many circling rings, took up the horizon entire behind the charging marines, and remained divinely indifferent to the mortal conflict and suffering ensuing below.

Like a Spartan Phalanx, Kayla led her soldiers through the rebel BADs.  No battle-armor soldiers anywhere could match her Armored Combat Division Marines.  Caleb was on her right, as always.

Then he wasn’t.

There had been a blue ‘blip’ on the Heads Up Display inside her helmet, only a millisecond flash, and Kayla’s battle-armor defensive auto-scan system, called; BADASS, detected a pulse of magnetic energy way above the measurable field.

Kayla’s marines were eight miles down-range of the anti-personnel railgun–a weapon of godly destructive capabilities—when it was detected by their BADASSes.  The marines had no idea what was coming, but their BADASSes did, and so began redirect protocols for their armor to send all primary, secondary, and tertiary power to its defensive systems (DEFSYS).  The BADASSes completed this before the ‘blip’ had even disappeared.  Still, it was not fast enough.

The APRP (Anti-Personnel Railgun Projectile), or A-perp,  had exited the weapon armature on a .0000194˚ trajectory vertical of target, to compensate for gravity deflection (meaning; since Titan’s gravity would pull the projectile down, the weapon shot high so that the trajectory would remain flat for the entire 8-mile range to its target), and it traveled at 19,800 mph (26.2x the speed of sound); so fast that the air pushed by the A-perp could not escape, and therefore was crushed in front of the projectile as it moved, and this incredible act of physics condensed the air to pressures of 57401.0 MPa (574,000 times Earth’s atmosphere), making it more dense than any other material known to human science, and, lastly, the A-perp and the air crushed before it super-heated to 248,000˚F (32x hotter than the surface of the sun).  The A-perp actually ceased to exist soon after launch.  The force of its own intent had evolved it.  It was an object no longer; it had become an Event; the same scientific classification given to a black hole.

Jupiter’s thunderbolt, beautiful in its terrible perfection, destroyed all matter in its path.

Caleb was reduced to nothing in 1/100,000th of a second.

In the next few fractions of a moment, Kayla relived their last night of passion aboard the Valiant as she silently screamed inside her helmet.

Coolness of space, dark hangar, echoing footsteps, finding flesh in the dark, the smell of breath and sweat, mouth hot and wanting, lips in her teeth, biting, hands at her waist, pulling, bodies pressed, nipples hard, tingling, movements frantic, breath lustful, shirts tearing, flight pants ripping, him hard against her,  her wet and burning, spinning around, cheek on cold hangar wall, spanking her ass, teasing probes, need and hunger, hips pushing back,  forcing him inside, thrusting electric waves,  fingers pulling hair, flesh colliding, fingers in her ass, shivering thrill, wanting and waiting, cock exiting, head pressed to ass, tingling down legs, the push in, a moaning sigh, then more, all, all his cock deep in her ass, biting her forearm, him reaching around, fingering her pussy, She spins and throws him, straddling hips, slipping him in,  spine arched back, head tingling, thighs rubbing hips, sweat down her back, clawing the flesh, sensations electric, moans become cries, passion now sound, harmonic, electric rising , swelling inside her, he arches up, shakes, shudders, engorged, she leaps off him, cock in her mouth, taste of their sex, swelling and throbbing, he moans, swells, spasms, and cums in her mouth,  she with mouth and hand milks him, taking all of him down.  She collapses on his sweaty chest, sweat mingles, heartbeats slow.  Caleb sighs and declares, “I love you, Kayla.”  She remained silent.

Then it’s gone, like the moment it was, forever gone.

All that, before Caleb’s vapors even vanished.

Amazing, the brain…

A half second after the first railgun shot a second ‘blip’ shows.  DEFSYS tracking alarms have 1/100,000th of a second to warn Kayla she’s targeted.

Before the core of the Event had even reached her, the battle-suit’s electromagnetic shield, and diamond-layered trydium armor had begun the process of violent disintegration.  The BADASS redirect protocol transferred all the power the system could.  Kayla’s DEFSYS shield was at 360%, but absorbed more energy in 1/100,000th of a second than generated by the Earth’s core in the same moment.

The Event itself was only the size of a dime, but when it did pass matter, Kayla was nearly cut in two as the battle-suit and flesh of her midsection was instantly exploded at an atomic level, then crushed into the Event as it cleanly bored through her at 19,000 mph.

She didn’t feel a thing.

At first.

That’s when the fear came, more powerful than the pain that followed.  She wondered why her chest had just collapsed onto her pelvis, and why she couldn’t move, then merciful darkness.  Again her battle-suit had saved her; MEDSYS focused all auxiliary power on life support protocols only.



Continued in Part III

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  1. Wow, Christopher. You have created an intense warrior/killer in Kayla Mack. I like her… to say she is tough is an understatement. She’s unexpected, and while she is emotionally cloaked, I as the reader am emotionally invested in her. Kayla is struggling underneath all that battle armor. She’s mourning and lonely and ashamed–and scared. She is the antithesis of herself, if that makes any sense. 🙂

    I am curious about Xphos. Should be interesting to learn more about him… I am skeptical about his intentions at this point.

    Last but not least, I am in awe of this sci-fi world you have created. I’m amazed by minds that can create these high-tech, detailed, planetary environments (complete with math!) and mix them with the fundamental human elements needed to capture my heart. You’ve done a marvelous job so far.

    (I’m impressed with the erotica scenes as they are graphic but not pornographic–which can easily happen– and they enhance the story and Kayla’s character quite well.)

    Editorial analyzing aside (;)), I really like this story so far and I am drawn in, looking forward to turning the page. That is saying something because I am particular about sci-fi. I don’t mean that in a snooty way. I just don’t usually consider myself a sci-fi fan, but I come across sci-fi stories I enjoy.

    • Christopher Shawbell

       /  July 30, 2013

      Thank you, Leanne.
      Kayla is a complex character indeed. I have not written any erotica before, but I believe that sex has its place in some stories. How it’s presented in relation to the story is I guess what defines it. I have not yet had a stand-alone sex scene, but I think it’s clear that one (and more) are forthcoming. I’m curious to see what transpires with it myself actually.
      Xyphos is an interesting catalyst for Kayla. I like what he brings out in her, though he better be wary, she can, when emotionally cornered, be violently protective of herself, and Kayla Mack is no one any one would want to tangle with when in such a state.
      I’ll be adding more shortly.




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